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We know the yacht charter is successful only when the yacht suits our needs perfectly. Its area must correspond to the number of crew members, and the equipment – functional and increasing the sailing comfort. This way each member of your crew will be satisfied and relaxed, and the skipper's work will be facilitated. Suitable equipment or room layout is especially important during longer cruises and for crews that appreciate privacy and peace, for example families with children. In our base, you can easily find the yacht model that will have everything you need for the cruise.

You, as a crew, decide whether you choose a classic mono-hull sailing yachtcatamaran or a motor yacht. We offer the most interesting and the best yacht models, like Bavaria, Lagoon, Sun Odyssey, Beneteau, Elen, Dufour, Hanse or Oceanis to our Clients. We strive for making our base satisfying for the most demanding sailors, but also for those who want to enjoy comfortable yachting they can afford.

The available yacht models are so diverse that every sailor will find the unit that fits him or her – suited to his or her needs and possibilities. Do you prefer a comfortable cruise on a larger unit, in a large crew? Choose one of them! Or maybe you want to make the manoeuvres easier and don't need too much space for a family cruise? Get a smaller yacht! Yachts available at YACHTIC are equipped with for example: bow thrusters, self-tacking jibs, depth finders, autopilots, electrical capstans, an air-conditioning or heating system, ovens, fridges, electrical toilets or a teak deck.

Each yacht model has some unique features, specific for the shipyard where it was manufactured. Choosing the perfect model is individual, so we guarantee a wide range of units at a different age to our clients, with different equipment, interesting facilities and travelling on various waters of Europe.

We offer yacht's and boat's models: