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About Yachtic

Yachtic.eu in 100 words

Yachtic.eu is a modern online yacht charter website. High Customer's comfort is our priority – a simple and fast yacht charter with an ability to control each phase of the reservation procedure. We want to save your time and money – the service is readable and easy, so you can use the newest online charter offers tailored to your needs.

Where did the idea come from?

Yachtic.eu is a project of perennial sailing and yachting enthusiasts. Experiences with yacht chartering in water various reservoirs and own yacht chartering revealed the bureaucratic rules in this industry – hours spent on calling agents, analysing and monitoring offers – and finally we asked ourselves: why not simplify it? After we had talked to others in this industry we realised we were not alone. It led us to create a new website – a website like no other before. A small portal for chartering private yachts converted into a resilient enterprise with a consistent and clear vision allowing users to use the online charter offer without any stress and doubt.

What is your crew?

Three teams are involved in the website: yachtic.eu– current Customer service and co-operation with charter operators,  yachtic.pr – responsible for advertising, customer and partner relationships, and yachtic.dev that takes care of the website technology. The teams support themselves in creation, developing new portal ideas and functionalities.

What is your advantage?

We concentrate on a maximal simplification of the yacht chartering process, maintaining the speed and Customer's comfort and maximal transaction security. A yacht chartering customer has a clear description, up-to-date promotion and offer information, and gains additional bonuses. All prices and availability are automatically updated on a regular basis.

Who do you want to reach?

We want to show that sailing holidays can be organised quickly, easily and safely – and there is no magic involved. Customers are more and more interested in searching flights and accommodation throughout the world on their own using different search engines. And we show that it is good for the yacht charter market. We want to convince the Customers that such a form of leisure is not just reserved for a narrow group of recipients, people sailing for years, but for everybody.


Did you know that since the start of works on yachtic.eu until it was launched our developers worked cumulatively for 2287 hours, web designers – for 1533 hours, and graphic designers  – for 811 hours? Since the launch of the website in 2015 until December 2015 the improvement works took another 672 hours. Our portal is planned to be actively developed until September 2017. 

Social activity:

We actively support actions of the 10th Scouting Sailing Team in Katowice. Many of us started in scouting, so we know how important is to learn the youngest the passion to spend their free time on water. We provide young water wolves with equipment and programme actions. The 10th Scouting Sailing Team in Katowice have been conducting their activity for 60 years now, and we are proud we can contribute to the youth water education even to a small extent.

In 2015, we also sponsored the Odra River Spring Raftering that has been a regular part of the season of water scouts of the entire Silesian Region for more than 50 years.

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